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About ClearTalk

ClearTalk Mobile is staffed by telecommunications engineers with 25+ years of professional experience. Since 2011 ClearTalk has helped European firms from all sectors to set up or improve their telecommunications infrastructure.

ClearTalk was founded with the ambition to create a new state of affairs in the telecommunications sector. Our company aims to promote best practices and help its clients adopt the best telecom strategy in terms of productivity and cost efficiency.

Businesses of all sizes may benefit from ClearTalk’s telecom consulting services and improve their telecommunication and infrastructure without hidden costs.

ClearTalk’s expert consultants possess great experience and a deep understanding of the telecommunications market, by virtue of their close collaboration with major telecom providers. Their task is to analyse your firm’s present infrastructure to fully understand your needs before suggesting the best solutions currently available in the market.

20 years of

Our telecom optimization process includes thorough market research and the submission of tailor made proposals created exclusively in order to save you time and valuable company resources.


At ClearTalk, the term “turn-key solutions” does not involve high costs. Our professionalism and experience is the key to building relationships of mutual trust and satisfaction with all the firms and partners we work with.