This is how we do it

The ClearTalk Process

The process, from start to finish, can be summed up in the following steps


A ClearTalk consultant visits your premises to take note of your existing corporate infrastructure and primarily your needs. Your current telecommunications expenses must be properly evaluated; hence we always ask to speak with your IT officers or members of staff dealing with the company’s telecommunication needs.


Having fully assessed the above parameters, we submit our proposals regarding new services or modifications to the existing ones, based on technical and economic criteria.
We then gather offers from the largest telecommunications providers, as we are in a position to know the exact cost for each specific service. It has to be noted that ClearTalk is the one who negotiates with providers and guarantees that your company will get the best prices in the market.


We are now ready to submit offers with full technical and financial documentation.


Once our client accepts our proposal, in part or in whole, we undertake the completion of all the required paperwork including all applications and technical specification documentation without any extra overhead for your company.


Finally, we monitor the whole implementation process, maintaining communication with the provider and its technical departments. As soon as this phase is complete, we make sure that everything is in working order and our customer is satisfied.

We wish for your collaboration with ClearTalk to be ongoing.

We wish for your collaboration with ClearTalk to be ongoing.
ClearTalk aspires to become a reference point for clients, covering any of their future needs in terms of telecommunications services and infrastructure.